Fall Gelato Flavors are here!

With summer nearing a close it's time for you to start thinking ahead and preparing for the next season. Of course we always keep in rotation the standard flavors of tradition such as Malaga (rum raisin), Zabaglione, Crema Gialla and variations of pumpkin, but getting a little creative may just give you the edge to keep your customers coming during the colder months.

Featured recipes:

Walnut Pecan Crunch Gelato

White base of your choice - 4,000 Grams

Mec 3 Noce Pecan Variegate - 400 Grams

Layer with additional Noce Pecan on extraction and top with Pregel Crumbole Classic

Carrot Cheesecake Gelato

White base of your choice - 4,000 grams

Prodotti Stella Cheesecake Flavoring - 250 Grams

Mec 3 Carrot Cake - Layer upon extraction and top off with additional Mec 3 Carrot Cake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretezel

White base of your choice - 4,000 Grams

Mec 3 Chocopretzel - 400 Grams

Mec 3 Chocopretzel - Layer upon extraction and garnish with mini chocolate covered pretzels




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