Spiced Cranberry & Roasted Almond Gelato

Spiced Cranberry & Roasted Almond Gelato


Roasted Almond Gelato   ounces &  grams


  • PreGel Cristalberry Arabeschi
  • Whole Roasted Almonds
  • Whole Cranberries (tossed in PreGel Geloglass)
  • Assorted Whole Spices (cinnamon sticks, anise)


1.) In a large plastic  bucket, combine together all of the ingredients and blend until homogenous and smooth with an immersion blender.

2.) Place the mixture in a batch freezer, process according to manufacturer’s instructions.

3.) When extracting the gelato, fold in the PreGel Cristalberry Arabeschi and roasted almonds.


1.) Decorate the pan  with the roasted almonds, cranberries and assorted whole spices.

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