Trending Gelato Products and Recipes for 2022

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The season is upon us, as the summer hits we know our industry gets a little crazy with the return of the heat which can only be combated by the power of gelato. We all know that one summer hits it's time to crank out the sorbets, but what else can we offer to keep those customers coming back for new and creative product ideas? Well, here's what we have personally seen in the field for some home run options.

Chocolate e' Arancia (Dark chocolate with a Sicilian orange variegato).

This is one of my personal favorites. Utilizing variegates in your gelato is crucial for creating the perfect change in texture to add to the already intense profile of a flavor like dark chocolate. This recipe is a home run as Montebianco has produced the best orange variegate in the industry which chunks of Sicilian orange strips perfect for layering. My personal suggestion...

-Use a 20/22 or 22/24 Chocolate Powder such as Stella Cocoa Powder and layer this with Montebianco Arancia Sicilia, winning combination.

Coconut Jamaican Rum

Pina Colada is a fan favorite but using the combination of Stella Coconut 100 Paste with the Jamaican Rhum Topping is a game changer for the palette, give this one a try for a more tropical twist. 

Torta Paradiso

Torta Paradiso is similar to a light angel food cake, which is great when combined with a top notch raspberry variegate such as this gourmet one which chunks of raspberries inside. You can even add a few grams of a lemon powder to this delicate paste to make lemon cream cake.

Caramel Apple Pie

While this one isn't exactly a light flavor, the classic combination of caramel and apple never fails. We recommend you take your favorite classic caramel paste and layer it with Gourmet Baked Apple Pie to showcase this recipe. The chunks of apple in this variegate are out of this world and we've seen repeat orders over and over.

These are only a few of the great recipe concoctions we've come up with lately and we plan to expand on recipes all summer long! If you need any help with the full recipe for these products using a white base or anything else, you can always reach out to us directly at and we've take care of you.


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