Jolly Display

Size: 12 Pan
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Jolly is the first professional free-standing display case for gelato with Hybrid Cooling Technology, an Ifi exclusive and innovative technology based on dual-source refrigeration.
Developed in collaboration with the designer Marc Sadler, Jolly also distinguishes itself for its polyethylene base, a stylish solution with pioneering functions.

Jolly Technical Specifications 

Hybrid Cooling Technology
Hybrid Cooling Technology, an Ifi exclusive system, guarantees continuous chilling in the display case during the delicate yet necessary stages of defrosting, thus eliminating negative effects on the gelato. Thanks to a supplementary refrigeration source, which activates only during defrosting, the gelato is not subject to any thermal shock, keeping intact its appearance and all organoleptic characteristics.

Jolly stands out also for its base a single block made of rotational, double-injection moulded polyethylene. Supplying high added-value, this solution attenuates vibrations and reverberations of internal parts, with a significant noise reduction and an increased acoustic

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