Anselmi - Pesto Pistachio Sicilia DOP (1KG)

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Pesto di Pistacchio 100% pure paste, partially refined in order to savour the pistachio fragments even after processing. Origin: Sicily.

THE PUREST Pistachio Pure and 100% natural Exemplifying the genius of Italian patisserie art, the outstanding feature of the Green Pistachio from Bronte is its intense aroma, so it is naturally much used in the manufacture of confectionery products and ice cream.

Ice cream makers use its paste to make ice creams with a vivid flavour. Anselmi has a NC version, with no added chlorophyll. The paste thus has a natural brownish green colour. Its intense taste and aroma are typical of 100% pure Pistacchio di Bronte DOP.

Harvesting this precious type of pistachio takes place from the first week of September, but only every 2 years, and a plant begins to bear fruit only 10 years after planting: this contributes to the iconic status of the Pistacchio Verde di Bronte

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