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Trittico® Executive Evo is the ultimate multi-function machine that represents the bond between artisan tradition and the highest technology. The production laboratory you’ve always dream of in less than 1 square meter! Trittico® Executive Evo simplfies the artisan gelato, pastry and savory food and tempering chocolate. Trittico® Executive Evo comes set with multiple programs and allows for customized programs guaranteeing the maximum flexibility adapting to the specific necessities of each artisan chef. It is an essential helper: precise, reliable, tireless and constant!


  • Patented Ionic System® Control with speed variator to detect the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture in order to obtain the proper gelato/sorbet consistency and volume.
  • Double inverter for upper tank stirrer and batch-freezer mixer with multiple speeds.
  • programmable (customizable programs)
  • specific program for small quantities
You can prepare:
  • gelato
  • sorbetto
  • semifreddoes
  • slush ice
  • custard
  • fruit jelly
  • butter cream
  • mousseline cream
  • bavaroise
  • tartre citron
  • meringue for macaron
  • italian meringue
  • swiss meringue
  • pàte à bombe
  • te à bombe chocolate
  • traditional ganache
  • english cream
  • marshmallow
  • pàte à choux
  • glaçage
  • emulsified tartre citron
  • chocolate cremeux
  • reverse cycle
  • ganache reverse cycle
  • bavaroise mixer
  • custard cream mixer
  • english cream mixer
  • white choc. tempering
  • plain choc. tempering
  • milk choc. tempering
  • soupe
  • salty sauce
  • bechamel


  • Possibility to work with the Ionic System®: speed variator controlled by software that ensures maximum overrun for gelato/sorbet and the accurate speed mixing for pastry products.
  • Possibility to work by setting the time.
  • Possibility to work by setting the extraction temperature.
  • Multiple gelato, pastry and chocolate recipes.

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