Flash Gelato Display Case

Size: 12 Pan
Color: Black
Sale price€10.050,95


**Flash Gelato Display Case**: Showcase Your Ice Cream in Style!

🍦 **Heated Glass for Zero Condensation**: No more misty glass obstructing the view! Our Flash Gelato Display Case is built with **double heated side glass** and a **heated, stratified front glass**. This innovation ensures zero condensation, keeping your ice cream display perfectly clear and inviting.

🔧 **Easy Maintenance**: With our unique **front-opening glass feature**, cleaning and regular maintenance is a breeze. Keep your gelato display spotless and appealing without the fuss.

🔆 **Illuminate Your Ice Cream Varieties**: Let your delicious ice cream flavors shine! The Flash Gelato Display Case boasts **LED lighting**, ensuring your ice creams are highlighted with a continuous, uniform light. Make every scoop look irresistible!

🖼️ **Versatile Display Options**: Showcase your gelato the way you want! With **3 distinct display methods**, you can choose the presentation that best complements your ice cream assortment.

🌀 **Customizable Ventilation**: Adapt to any setting or environment. Our display case offers **3 different ventilation types**, ensuring your gelato remains fresh and delectable, no matter the conditions.

Bring a touch of elegance and functionality to your ice cream parlor, café, or restaurant with the Flash Gelato Display Case. Designed to enhance your customer’s experience, this case offers the perfect blend of visibility, adaptability, and convenience.

Order yours today and redefine the way you showcase your gelato!





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