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Equilibrio® Smart Scale is a patented scale that, via wifi connection with your iPad, guides you though the preparation of gelato and pastry recipes. From weighing to manual processing, it follows you step by step, gram after gram in the whole preparation of the chosen recipe. Your staff will be able to perform quickly, safely and easily all the recipes with no margin of error! Equilibrio® Smart Scale is not only a food scale, but also a useful management system. From the upload of products in the library to the monitoring of stocks, the scale allows you to load the ingredients in stock, manually or with the barcode bluetooth scanner and check the stock in real time, recipe after recipe. Moreover, Equilibrio® Smart Scale alerts you when a product has run out. By purchasing Equilibrio® Smart Scale, many recipes are immediately available: duplicate and customize them quickly and easily!


1. Choose the recipe you want to use from the library.

2. Take advantage of the advanced software to easily weigh all the ingredients.

3. Let the app guide you, simply and safely, through the preparation of the recipe.


1. Communicate directly with the Equilibrio®-Bravo App.

2. With a simple click, load the ingredients into your warehouse.

3. Monitor stocks in real time.

4. Check the value of the stock and the cost of your recipe quickly and easily.

5. Track the recipes made.


Equilibrio® is an application available on the App Store, which can be freely downloaded to your iPad. It allows you to access to exclusive packs containing both gelato and pastry recipes. The App includes many recipes, some of which come from great professionals such as Angelo Grasso and Luc Debove. Thanks to its various releases, you can always get new updates from international masters and culinary specialties around the world. By downloading the free Equilibrio®-Bravo App and buying the individual packs, the know-how of the great masters is just a click away. The recipes can be duplicated and customized, thus creating your personal collection.


1. Go to the App Store.

2. Download the EQUILIBRIO®- BRAVO APP for iPad* for free.

3. Try the free contents of the App.

4. Buy the exclusive packs with the recipes of great international masters.


1. Download the new recipes, which are constantly uploaded, with a click.

2. Let the variety of recipes proposed inspire you.

3. Duplicate and customize the various recipes.

4. Create your digital recipe book, which can be easily used by your staff.

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