Gelato and covid-19: Conforming to the crisis

Your Gelato Business & Covid-19

By now it’s no secret that our industry has been hit hard by the recent covid-19 crisis. As most shop owners are keenly aware, conforming to this new normal (if at least temporarily) will be the only way to survive the current reduction in sales and being that gelato is not exactly a Door Dash or Uber Eats go-to option, how can we find ways to grab the to-go market?

The most obvious answer is to go start producing in pints, but what products can we use to set ourselves apart? In the world of gelato, we can explore using semi-freddo monoportions as one way of catching the consumer with something unique. Just like it sounds, semi-freddo is a half frozen product, very similar to gelato but typically mixed with whipped cream and used for gelato cakes or single servings. Just like gelato, we can use a master recipe for the white base and flavor as needed using our gelato pastes from Mec 3, Stella or Pregel.

Using this simple recipe we can instantly make a batch of white base with a few simple steps (and a kitchen aid) & then flavor it with any pastes of our choosing. I like to start with 3-5% of the total volume for dosing pastes as a good starting point.

Semi-Freddo French Vanilla recipe:

gelato paradise semi freddo

Focus on elegant to go containers to make your presentation worth while. Try doing layers and filling half of your container, blasting for 15 minutes and then doing the top container. Utilizing variegates and color combinations will quickly give you a unique dessert that your customers will love.

This is only one type of dessert you can add to your arsenal. For quick desserts on the go, there are endless options. Try the instant Tiramisu or Crème Brulee, all great options that are extremely simple to create and very profitable. 

Check out our Specialty Dessert Containers section & Instant Desserts to get some ideas! For transportation, the Alcas thermal ice bag will keep your customers products frozen for the drive home also.

If you need more suggestions or recipes that we've tried, just shoot us a message!

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